We are Townsville’s only Zodiac Platinum member so you won’t find better prices on Zodiac gear than us

We ask you to consider the world’s finest Magna Pool range of products.

Magna Pool

Magna Pool is in right now and many people are converting to this new method of chlorination for its comfort and health benefits. As Zodiac hold the rights to Magna Pool they are the only brand that will give you the real MagnaPool Experience.

Pool Blankets/Covers

They’re a great way to cut down on evaporation and leaf ingress . They also keep your pool warmer for longer.

Spa Covers

Send us your dimensions and we’ll get back to you with a quote for a hard cover within two days.


When it comes to chlorinators you most certainly get what you pay for so beware of cheaper models. For the best brands you won’t find better prices than in our store.


Pumps/Energy efficient pumps

If you’re replacing a pool pump you should atleast consider an energy efficient pump as they will typically pay for themselves within 18 months in energy savings.

Filter Replacement or Filter Sand Change

We do more of these than anyone else in town, why? Because we do a great job in a timely fashion and at the best price.


Not everyone can afford a high quality Chlorinator or Ionizer; if you want tips on sanitising your pool manually just come in store and we can give you the right advice.

Remember…we are your Zodiac Platinum dealer but we do sell other brands for you to consider also at the North’s best prices.


Find us at three great locations in Townsville

West End
Magnetic Island





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