Pool equipment repairs
Our qualified electricians work all week repairing any pool equipment such as pumps, chlorinators and cleaners

We can either pick it up for you* or you can drop it in to our store. We can almost always get equipment back to you the same day.

We’ll give you our honest opinion on whether we think something is worth fixing or tell you if it will be more cost effective to replace.

Warranty repairs

We can undertake warranty work on almost any pool brand so just give us a call.

*call out fee applies.

Examples of work shop repairs:
Here's a rough guide to costing

Pool Pump repairs - Typically $85 to $250+ or FREE if in warranty
Chlorinator repairs - Typically from $55 to $700 or FREE if in warranty
Sandfilter Multiport Valve repairs - Typically $80 to $160
Cartridge Clean / Acid bath - Typically $30; that’s a lot cheaper than buying a new cartridge
Chlorinator Cell Clean - $30
Suction Pool Cleaner Repairs - Typically no charge when parts purchased
Turbine Suction Cleaner Rebuilds - Typically $150 to $184 or FREE if in warranty
Electrical Clean Repairs and Testing - $120 to $800+



Find us at three great locations in Townsville

West End
Magnetic Island





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