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Pool Pumps

Not all Townsville pool pumps are created equal and there are some homes and businesses who are wasting money on electricity to run them unnecessarily. Just throwing money through a pool filter is all they may be doing. How can you save on your pool running costs and therefore get a better deal on a low energy use, high energy efficiency Townsville pool pumps range? Simple, come in and talk to the staff and take the friendly knowledgeable advice from the experts at Twin Cities Pools.

We have found that in Townsville pool pumps are one of the biggest expenses our clients face when they install their pool or buy a house that already has a pool in it. The pool pump is the moving part of the swimming pool and it moves a lot. The great news is that we have manufacturers of Townsville pool pumps who are always finding new and great ways to make the pump run longer on less energy. Using the latest industry technology and manufacturing techniques and materials along with advanced computer controlled devices we have seen a reduction in the cost of running a pool pump reduce by more than up to 60% in the last 5 years alone. This is real money you could be saving by using one of our Townsville pool pumps instead of your old inefficient dinosaur.

Yes, the cost of one of our shiny and new Townsville pool pumps may be something that is worth considering initially but if you let us know what sort of pool pump you currently have in your Townsville home we can use clear mathematics to work out the kwH advantage of replacing it with one of our Onga or Zodiac energy efficient Townsville pool pumps. This mathematic equation can then give you a theoretical timeframe to where you will be back in the black and your investment has paid for itself. We have seen some customers with older Townsville pool pumps reach this threshold within just 6 months of installing one of our energy efficient Townsville pool pumps. This is real world savings and real world money back in your pocket.

Don't forget to also contact us now if you need Townsville pool pump repairs or regular maintenance. We can help you with regular domestic pool pumps right through to the big industrial units that some of the local Townsville aquatic centres may be using.

The best range of Townsville pool pumps is only available at one place.


Reduce pool running costs with Onga Townsville pool pumps

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With its industry leading efficiency, it lowers the total cost of pool ownership, while extremely low noise levels improves your outdoor living. The low noise of the entire Onga Sta-Rite range of Townsville pool pumps means you can even run this pool pump at night.

Introducing the Zodiac MX8 Townsville Pool Cleaners

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Zodiac MX8 is a high performance Townsville pool cleaner unlike anything you've ever seen before. Townsville pool cleaning faster and more aggressively than any other suction cleaner in its class, the MX8 utilises technology to make debris a thing of the past.

Townsville Pool & Spa Chemicals with the right advice

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To get the most enjoyment out of your pool you need to look after it carefully. That's where our Townsville pool chemicals complete pool care system comes in. We can help with pool water testing & our expert analysis will get you the right Townsville pool chemicals

Looking after your pool with Townsville pool supplies

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Let Twin Cities Pools keep your pools sparkling clean, removing the worry and allowing you to embrace this lifestyle. You will appreciate the cost and time saving benefits that will occur when you use our Townsville pool cleaners and Townsville pool cleaning services.