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Pool Filters

The job of Townsville pool filters would be thankless if they were people. Forever sitting there in the one place inhaling and exhaling pool water and keeping the impurities inside yourself until they get cleaned out. But luckily for them, they are usually made of plastic, paper, sand and other parts that don't mind doing this day in and day out.

While Townsville pool filters lives may be simple ones they are important. The pool filter catches the water as the pool pump draws it from the skimmer basket side of the pool and picks out any impurities such as dirt, sand , grass and geckos before the water is added back to the main swimming pool water. Thus giving you the highest quality sparkling clear pool water all thanks, well thanks in part at least, to the Townsville pool filters job.

With this in mind it is important that your Townsville pool filters are only purchased from a reputable retailer. Improper and poorly made pool filters won't do such a good job at filtering the water leaving you with possibly murky, cloudy and even unsafe water to swim in. It's best to only rely on the proven brands of Townsville pool filters and that's what we sell at Twin Cities Pools.

We can also provide you with a regular Townsville pool filters cleaning and maintenance service either with our regular pool cleaning service or as a one off. The pool filter needs to be properly cleaned and if you don't have the time or inclination to do this yourself you'll be better off using us to do it for you. We can clean your Townsville pool filters properly, whether they are cartridge or sane filters, and keep you with a sparkling clear pool.

A Townsville pool filters cleaning service might be just what you need - contact us today


Townsville Pool & Spa Chemicals with the right advice

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To get the most enjoyment out of your pool you need to look after it carefully. That's where our Townsville pool chemicals complete pool care system comes in. We can help with pool water testing & our expert analysis will get you the right Townsville pool chemicals

Introducing the Zodiac MX8 Townsville Pool Cleaners

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Zodiac MX8 is a high performance Townsville pool cleaner unlike anything you've ever seen before. Townsville pool cleaning faster and more aggressively than any other suction cleaner in its class, the MX8 utilises technology to make debris a thing of the past.

Townsville spa chemicals and Townsville spa equipment

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Isn't it time for you to sample a great, locally produced spa from Townsville spa equipment. You can enjoy one of our complete spa packages fully installed and ready for you to enjoy along with our full range of Townsville spa chemicals to keep it in top working order.

Looking after your pool with Townsville pool supplies

Let Twin Cities Pools keep your pools sparkling clean, removing the worry and allowing you to embrace this lifestyle. You will appreciate the cost and time saving benefits that will occur when you use our Townsville pool cleaners and Townsville pool cleaning services.