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Resin Pools from Townsville pool supplies

TWIN CITIES TOWNSVILLE POOL SUPPLIES brings to you the most advanced technological change to the Above Ground Pool Australia has ever seen. HIGH IMPACT RESISTANT, UV STABALISED KV7 POLYMER RESIN. Used extensively in the AEROSPACE and AUTOMOTIVE industries. KV7 Polymer Resin is strong, rust free, cool and lightweight.

TWIN CITIES POOL SUPPLIES TOWNSVILLE now offers you the same advanced technology in the top coping in our new Elite model pools, using exclusive rust-free, UV stabalised KV7 polymer Resin copings, replacing the rust prone steel coping still used by most other pool manufacturers. Salt Water above ground pools are now available on our Elite Oval & Teardrop range of TWIN CITIES POOL SUPPLIES (except for our 18m x 7.3m and lap pool).

Metal Pools Townsville

This pool was designed with quality in mind but at an affordable price, our Regal Pool comes with metal frame and a 1.2m wall. Like all Twin Cities Pool Supplies Pools you can use liquid chlorine without voiding your guarantee.

The above "Regal" kits include heavy duty liner , cartridge filtration, pump and motor, deluxe safety ladder, cleaning and testing equipment. The "Regal" pool is a super strength braced pool.

Portable Pools Townsville

The CLASSIC Portable Pool uses an ingenious snap together design, which eliminates those nuts and bolts and screws associated with traditional above ground metal sided pools. Simply unfold, snap and fill. It really is that simple, in fact you could probably sit back and watch your children install it.

When the swimming season is over it's just as easy, just drain the pool, disassemble and store it for next season, your Classic Portable Pool can be disassembled and moved as many times as you like without ever damaging the frame or the liner.

Just look at the advantages...

- Assembles without any tools
- No stand required for the base
- Can be placed directly onto grass
- Ground can be 2" out of level
- Can be disassembled then reassembled without needing a new liner


Reduce pool running costs with Onga Townsville pool pumps

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With its industry leading efficiency, it lowers the total cost of pool ownership, while extremely low noise levels improves your outdoor living. The low noise of the entire Onga Sta-Rite range of Townsville pool pumps means you can even run this pool pump at night.

Introducing the Zodiac MX8 Townsville Pool Cleaners

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Zodiac MX8 is a high performance Townsville pool cleaner unlike anything you've ever seen before. Townsville pool cleaning faster and more aggressively than any other suction cleaner in its class, the MX8 utilises technology to make debris a thing of the past.

Townsville spa chemicals and Townsville spa equipment

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Isn't it time for you to sample a great, locally produced spa from Townsville spa equipment. You can enjoy one of our complete spa packages fully installed and ready for you to enjoy along with our full range of Townsville spa chemicals to keep it in top working order.

Looking after your pool with Townsville pool supplies

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Let Twin Cities Pools keep your pools sparkling clean, removing the worry and allowing you to embrace this lifestyle. You will appreciate the cost and time saving benefits that will occur when you use our Townsville pool cleaners and Townsville pool cleaning services.